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  • Free of alcohol

  • Free of pork gelatine

  • Halal production and financing (interest free)

  • 100% Natural and Organic, Premium Quality ingredients

  • NO Compromise! Superior Quality Products!

  • Herbal and Fruit based, Unique Formula Products

Why HerbalBoxes?

In normal and vegetarian tablets, alcohol is used for the coating and in the flavourings. It is not compulsory to state help substances like alcohol on the label. Or of what make the gelatine is. So you never really know what is in the tablet, capsule or powder you take. And most ingredients used are synthetically derived, rather than using 100% natural and organic ingredients.

Which is why we founded HerbalBoxes. To produce the highest quality of premium products made from 100% pure, natural, organic, Halal certified nutritious vitamins and supplements according to FDA, GMP, WHO standards. All products go through multiple layers of quality controls and fully certified. So you know what you are putting in your mouth or use on your skin.

For your health! For a better life! For Your Longevity and Youthfulness! Now you know what are in your supplements, skin care and cosmetics!

100% Pure, Potent, Proven, Natural, Organic, and Halal.



Our story started when a group of nutritionist and herbalist specialists, including doctors and scientists from the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry were not able to find 100% natural, wholesome raw and organic health and beauty solutions, made to the highest of standard and consistency, fully Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified, made in FDA’s registered facilities, with 100% Natural, Organic and Halal ingredients, environments and resources; free of pork, alcohol and with sustainable sources.

We began our shared quest and called it “Herbal Boxes”, which represent, boxes of highly nutritious premium quality supplements packed with 100% natural and organic herbs or fruits. Our renowned Research & Development team is working closely with our product development team, ensuring that we formulate and produce our products to the highest level of standard. Our team of award winning, passionate nutritionist and herbalist renowned specialists carefully formulate all products to the tiniest detail of milligram calculation, in order to come up with the very unique, one of a kind formulation, made to the most perfect dosage. We carefully resource and test the quality of all ingredients, making sure that there’s NO contamination etc. Our ingredients, packaging and machineries have to go through multiple quality control test stages. Herbal Boxes products are subject to critically stringent quality assurance. Our commitment to quality is the highest in our industry to ensure the best quality nutritional supplements money can buy. We are committed and we promise to continuously deliver Top range, Superior, NO compromise, Premium Quality ingredients that are Pure, Potent and Proven. You have our guarantee!

Additionally, we are committed to ensuring that our products meet the highest possible FDA, GMP, NSF, WHO scientific and manufacturing standards. Our Halal Certification ensures that our products do not contain pork or alcohol based ingredients. Not only that, our manufacturing sites only produce halal products. Additionally, this Halal certification also ensures that in the rare instances where animal sources are used, animals are handled humanely, free of cruelty and in accordance with Halal practices.

Our products are made with trademarked scientific and natural blends that are exclusively offered at HerbalBoxes™ with the following principals:

Our products are gluten, GMO and soy free.

Our products are NOT tested on animals!

Our products are FREE From artificial preservatives, artificial colours, added sugar, sweeteners, salt, corn, porcine, yeast or flavors.

Our supplements are made from 100% natural and organic herbal and wholesome raw fruits.

Our skin care and cosmetics products only use 100% natural and organic “Food Grade” ingredients. Because, we believe, only the stuff that are good enough to be eaten are the only good enough stuff to be used on our skin, because, our skin, hair and nails absorbs everything we put on them.

We choose sources that are free of contaminants and our products have to go through multiple quality control stages.

Our products are carefully and uniquely formulated by passionate, highly experienced nutritionist and herbalist specialists, to accommodate maximum amounts of active ingredient level.

We test the quality and potency of our products three times:  First in its raw ingredient form (which is the standard practice), then we go beyond what other companies do by testing again during the mixing stage, to ensure the quality, potency, percentage dosage, contaminant risk etc. Then we test again in the finished formulas, after capsulation / sachets to ensure that the quality, potency, safety etc remains above what are listed on our labels. Because our moto as business is “We Under Promise but Over Deliver”

Our products are produced in FDA registered facilities, according to and fully GMP certified. Our manufacturing facilities pass the most stringent manufacturing standards in the world while also following sustainable practices

We are a company for good cause. We donate a portion of all sales to multiple charitable causes domestically and globally. Because we believe our responsibility doesn’t stop at producing uniquely formulated, top premium quality products, but also includes impacting the world positively. Know that, a percentage of your money you bought our products is contributing to saving lives of others or a child having education paid for, or clean water and foods being served to the people in dire need.


  • Many vitamin brands contain ingredients sourced from animals, specifically pork as well as synthetic ingredients?
  • All HerbalBoxes™ supplements, skin care and cosmetics are certified Halal (Pork and alcohol free) and use the highest possible animal welfare standards by ensuring that in the rare instances where animal sources are used to source our ingredients, animals are handled humanely and free of cruelty. Additionally, we never use artificial preservatives, colours, sweeteners or flavours in our products. We are advocates of all natural products and source all of our ingredients from natural sources.
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